What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the practice of giving businesses, people and brands control over how best they look online. How you look online will make or break your business or brand. Controlling of your brand presence online is what ORM is all about. With growth of internet and social media, it's very important to manage your brand.

Why Reputation Management?

90% of us trust the recommendations of others (Source: Forrester Research)

Over 1 billion queries are searched on Google everyday and 77% of job recruiter’s Google potential candidate’s reputation before hiring decisions. Over 45% of people are deciding not to do business with someone because they found something online. So, how you look online is very important.

How RaiseClick protects your Brand Reputation?

RaiseClick helps individuals and brands control their online presence. Whether it be Google search results, Google auto suggestions, Google related searches and beyond. Our tools and platform helps to de-index defamatory search results and spreads positive and brand building content.

We are on a mission to protect your brand. Don't just wait till something terrible happens to your brand. Call or Email one of our ORM Consultants to know customized suggestions to your brand protection.